We service clients from all over the world, including Mexico, Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America as well as from virtually every state in the U.S.A. We are also hunting and fishing consultants and can assist you in planning a trip anywhere in the world - from Alaska to Zimbabwe.

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Lyons and O’Haver Taxidermy
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Shipping Information

At Lyons & O’Haver, we regularly receive raw trophies from all parts of the world. Most frequently they come from North & South America, Mexico, Africa & Asia. Contact us for shipping instructions prior to your hunting trip. We will provide you with copies of our permits which may be necessary to facilitate shipment. We are able to clear your trophies through U.S. Customs and U.S. Fish and Wildlife. We are

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licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to receive game birds and waterfowl from anywhere in the world.To help you avoid losing any part of your shipment, we will furnish you with free plastic laminated waterproof shipping tags with your name on them for each individual trophy.


Skins for mounting should not be tanned before shipping them to us. Send all skins salted and dried with the fat and flesh removed. Skins should not be dried in the sun.


Import Instructions
Send copies of documents to Lyons and O’Haver via registered mail at our address below.


Necessary Documents:
1. Trophy List
2. Veterinary Certificate
3. Export Permit
4. Export or import CITIES Permit (if applicable)
5. Airway bill or ocean bill of lading.
For air shipments, documents should be securely attached to Air weigh bill. If this is not done, trophies might arrive before the paperwork that is required for clearance by U.S. Customs, Fish and wildlife and the Department of Agriculture.


10926 La Cienega Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90304

Phone: (310) 216-6691
Fax: (310) 216-1681


All warthogs and other swine must be packaged

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