Fish Mounts

Lyons and O’Haver has clients throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Many of Lyons and O’Haver’s fish mounts are displayed in fine museums and sporting goods businesses, including Cabela’s and Turner’s. Be sure to check out the photo, in the gallery below, of the giant great white shark and whale sharks we mounted for the Rias Shark Museum in Miyagi, Japan. For over half a century, Lyons & O’Haver Taxidermy has been a pioneer in the field of fish taxidermy. In the 1950’s and 60’s, Lyons & O’Haver was chosen by the U.S. government to reproduce sharks and porpoises for the Bureau of Fisheries and the United States Navy. These exact replicas were used for scientific research. This was the begining of modern marine life reproduction. The creation of an exceptional fish mount can be achieved only through excellent craftsmanship, experience and artistic ability. As a family business with a second generation of artisans, we are committed to maintaining our high standard

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of excellence and guaranteed quality. Additionally, if your fish mounts are in need of cleaning or repair, we are able to provide the services of fish mount cleaning, fish mount repair, and fish mount restoration. We have all types of fish mounts for sale.


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